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How to make a TPE sex doll?

I’m going to tell you about the process of how metal, plastic and rubber are transformed into the gorgeous creatures we all adore. I hope this is interesting and will also help explain the complex process of turning metal and plastic into an amazing object of desire.

The process starts with an artist drawing and designing a gorgeous doll on paper. These designs are then used by a sculptor to create a three dimensional model of the doll.

This is usually done using clay or plaster. The model is separated into several pieces.

The model for the head which is the most detailed part of the doll is made separately. Often the whole body is another single piece although sometimes the models for the legs and arms are built separately.

Sometimes molds are based on real people. In this case, the person’s skin is covered in vaseline or some other lubricant and plaster or rubber is poured onto their bodies. It takes several hours for this to harden properly before it is removed.

Video Showing TPE pouring

Once a full model is created, it’s used to build a “negative” mold in which the whole doll will be built. The mold is a container into which a metal and plastic skeleton will be placed, and then Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) or Silicone will be poured. TPE or Silicone are blended into the perfect mixture to ensure that the doll’s body is soft and firm like human skin. Pigments are also blended in to ensure that the dolls base color is lifelike as well.

The “skeleton” is also constructed and positioned inside the mold. Skeletons are usually thicker in the thighs and chest so that there is an appropriate thickness of TPE or Silicone around them to give a solid but soft feeling to the dolls. If the TPE is too thick, the sex dolls would be too floppy. At the same time if the skin is too thin, the dolls would be too hard. Building and positioning the skeleton inside the mold is extremely important.

Once the mold is set up, TPE or Silicone are poured in and then left to cool. After that, the mold is opened and the fully formed doll is removed.

When the sex doll is first removed from the mold, there is lots of excess material which must be removed and smoothed out. This is done by trimming off excess material at the seams with scissors. The skin is then smoothed by heating it and smoothing it with a hot metal rod or spatula. At this point the doll needs to be finished and customized.

Customization and finishing is a long and detailed process. Fingernails are put on the hands. Nipples of the appropriate size, color and texture are glued onto the breasts and then the surrounding skin is heat smoothed. Pubic hair is added if requested, again of a specific length, color and texture.

The face requires extensive work. Eyes have to be mounted or a specific color. Coloring is applied as well as eyebrows and hair.

Genitals are also inserted. The external parts can be different colors and textures. Internally, a series of different textures and widths are also mounted.

All in all the process takes several days and involves many different workers with lots of skill sets. Most production is done in China but there are doll factories in Japan and the US as well. As dolls get more complex and start to include audio as well as movement, this process will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated.

Here’s a video which shows some parts of the production process:

Full manufacturing process video

Smoothing and refining dolls

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